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dalawang wirdong tao na mahilig mag blog ang nag sama para sa kanilang wirdong ideya. BINO-BOGART Si Bino-ang tall dark and handsoma na tao. sadyang napaka hirap ihalintulad sa ibang personalidad dahil subok na kakaiba. Si Bogart- kabaliktaran ni Bino pag dating s tangkad. intelektwal na tao., at sadyang mahirap makilanlan. hindi talaga nila masyado alam kung bakit naisip nila ang wirdong ito., gusto lamang nila magkaruon ng malupit na pangalan sa mundo ng blog. katulad ng iba pang mga personalidad. "hindi kami nanggagaya. naiinggit lang"

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

PANLILIGAW TIPS 101… -what every guy (and girl) should know.


Up until we’re nine years old, there’s only one rule we guys abide by.


Girls are off limits in our group of friends, in our thoughts, in our very rowdy, very physical games, in our life. But the day puberty kicks in and we realize that girls look and smell a whole lot better than our male comrades, the one single rule banning females is lost in a wave of googoo-eyed amnesia. Replacing this “no girls” mantra is another set of unwritten codes than span courting prospect no-no’s, and dating don’ts

Bino: Since bogart mentioned before about the “panliligaw” tips when he introduced me,

bogart: Let we tell you something about some do’s and don’ts on impressing your soon-to-be your girl.

Bino: Well, these are some our my advices... It’s up to you guys if you are going to adopt them or not.

Look for your prospect.

bogart: Of course! Hindi ka makakapangligaw nang wala ka namang liligawan. Just make sure, that she is not in a relationship.

bino: Or if she is, just be sure that their relationship was kind of messy.

bogart: oh bat naman manggugulo ka pa ng magulo nang relasyon?

Bino: hinde, hindi pa naman ako tapos eh..But don’t do anything to ruin their relationship. wag magmadali. You can be a friend to her at first and be her crying shoulders. Plus points pa yun.

bogar: mga kalokohan mo talaga...haha!

Binobogart: But the RULES are…


bogart: This is a cardinal rule in any guy barkada, which a lot of girls fail to understand.A guy barkada is like a fraternity, a brotherhood, a closed-door society where only those that know “the secret handshake” are welcome.

bino: The brotherhood is the sacred place where we talk about everything-likes, hobbies, peeves, and turn-ons. Most of the time, these talks’ concern girls. Now, no guy would like to hear any of his family members’ names, (especially his sister’s), crop up when this bonding conversations come around. A guy would like refuse to see the apple of his parents’ eyes date the same dope he shares all his crazy thoughts with.

Bogart: Likewise, it’ll be too uncomfortable for a guy to “be himself” with his barkada if he’s dating one of their sisters. It’s an unfair rule, I know, but there are just some things which guy thinking subscribes to. And this is one of them.


bino: Bogart and I were just like brothers. We are fond of sharing stuffs that we had. BUT!We never thought of sharing our beloved girl to each other.

Bogart: Another taboo would be a close friend’s ex girlfriend.What?! Even her?!Yes, especially her.The reasoning is quite different from that which concerns going for her sister.

This one has much more to do with courtesy and respect-respect towards our friends past, and courtesy towards his experience in that relationship (especially if it was a painful breakup).

bino: Our friend and his ex share a past. We grant him that and leave it special for them. Somehow a guy will always get hurt, or mildly affected, to say the least, when a new boy comes into his ex’s life and “replaces” him in the role he once exclusively held. It’ll be tough enough to him to accept that he’s been officially replaced when that time comes, much more if that new guy turns out to be the same one he used to turn to for support.

bogart: But don’t get us wrong. This is not an absolute rule (unlike rule no.1). I guess it just a lot to do with delicadeza.


bino: This is got to be done of the silliest, not to mention unsophisticated things a guy can do.

“Can I court you?” DUH!?! What kind of a question is that?! If she says yes, does this mean she likes me? If she says no, di parang busted na ‘ko?

I’ve heard stories of guys who have actually asked this question and I cannot bring myself to understand why they would do so. This is a free country, isn’t it?

Why should the girl be the one to decide whether a guy can ask her out or not? To fellow guys planning to ask this question, let me suggest this: As her out on a date. With her response, you’ll be sure to get your answer whether you can court her or not.

oh bogart, bat wala kang masabi?

bogart: haha! pati kasi ako natablan sa sinabi mo eh., I asked her out...hehe. anyway, he's right.


bino: Here’s another ridiculous one that, sadly, is becoming commonplace nowadays.

bogart: Text messaging is great; it’s fun, efficient, and cheap. It’s perfect for asking homework and planning gimmick. But to declare everlasting love to a girl and ask her to be his girlfriend through SMS (probably one of the most important moments in her life) would just have to be the lowest form of communication, not to mention the most insensitive, unromantic overture any guy could do.

bino: It’s like asking any other question that we had to get out of the way like…

“wer na u?” or “d2 na me”

A proposal through text is shameless and lazy, to say the least. Any guy guilty of this doesn’t deserve a girlfriend-nor a cell phone.

bogart: waha. ang sama mo naman, pati cell phone pinag kait mo.


bogart: This rule applies to every house we visit (not just, but especially for, our dates). Saying good evening and thank you, following house rules, and observing curfews are just basic things that we’re well mannered and polite. And nothing will get a guy in the best graces of a household than to show just that.

bino: Remember, when we say household, we are not just referring to the person’s immediate family, but also everyone else in the house. Whether it be a relative, a yaya, a driver, or the beloved shit-tzu, it always pays to extend some courtesy and score some pogi points in the process. Because in return, it’ll be good to know that we’re always welcome.


bogart: No matter who was wrong or right in our last relationship, no matter how bad a breakup we had, we should never speak ill of an ex-girlfriend to another girl we’re courting. It’s simply an act done in bad taste. It doesn’t just display a possible bitter side-It also show how much value we put in our relationships. If we speak negatively ex to our present girl, what would stop her from thinking that we won’t talk about her in the same way if our relationship turns sour?

It’s just not nice.

bino: But then the highlighting the pleasant memories we had with our ex, or pointing out the good things we shared with that person, is not advisable either, Experience has taught me that present girlfriends can be very, very sensitive when it comes to an old flame.

To keep things simpler, we always follow the age-old rule.




bino: Girls put a lot of time, effort and money in dolling themselves up.

They invest weekends shopping, and loooooong hours in front of the mirror just for the single “you look pretty” compliment from us when we fetch them for that Friday or Saturday night out.

bogart: Should we not approve of her outfit or makeup, we should be extra sensitive when dishing our criticism. Nothing will make her more insecure than hours of hard work resulting in a…

“pangit ng suot mo” or “kapal naman ng make up mo.”

bino: haha! daig mo pa ang ang baklang insecure pag ginawa mo yun...

You’ll crush her feelings, and she’ll hate you forever. It’s kind of like blowing down a house of cards that took painstakingly long to make.

bogart: If you don’t approve of her fashion style for the evening, say something like,

“Maybe you’re white sleeveless shirt will go better with those pants” or

“You’ll look even cuter with your hair down.”

(Trust us guys, she won’t just like you for it, she’ll think you have great fashion taste well.)